What you should know about buying Instagram followers

According to statistics, most Instagram users pay attention first to the number of followers of a brand’s page before they subscribe to it themselves. This pattern is called social proof – the presence of a large number of followers serves not only as proof of a brand’s popularity, but also as a signal of its approval by the audience. Therefore, when creating a business page, marketers have to solve a difficult task – to find the first subscribers. The most common solution to such a task is to buy followers on Instagram with the help of a special service such as https://poprey.com/instagram_followers. In this article, we’re going to break down the possible ways to get followers on Instagram, which will also help you to give preference to a particular method and get the best results for your account.

Instagram followers: the main ways to find an audience

There are only 2 ways to get followers on instagram. Honest, aka strategic. You set a goal, share good content and the attention of the audience in your hands. And the second is to engage the dark side of marketing – to buy followers. That is, bots. Everyone has long known that brands, celebrities, influencers and even politicians practice adding fake followers to social networks. Why do they do it? It’s all about perception. Suppose: you bought bots, thus got tens of thousands of subscribers. Real people will “like” your page, as the popularity of an Instagram account is judged by the number of its followers.

To begin with, it is worth defining a key difference: promoting your Instagram page with the help of an automation service and buying bots are far from the same thing. Applications for finding followers in Instagram like and comment on posts on your behalf, thus attracting attention to your profile. You need to specify the user profile you plan to subscribe to, based on location, use of hashtags, interests, gender, etc. You can also set the criteria after which the bot unsubscribes from someone who hasn’t become your subscriber.

You can buy followers on instagram even easier: find an exchange, pay for the service and you’re ready for an explosive growth of your audience. It’s cheap, costing about three dollars for every 100 followers. But, in most cases, these are bots and zombie accounts (inactive, hacked accounts). There are more expensive options that charge over $1,000 per 10,000 subscribers. These services keep your bots active: they post, update and even interact with your content periodically.

Buying Instagram followers

You get what you pay for: only quantity. Not quality. An audience made up of bots will not like your posts or comment on them. By using such ways to find followers on Instagram, you put your brand’s reputation at risk. And you risk losing real customers. Suppose, in order to promote a product, you hired an opinion leader in social networks. After carefully studying his profile, you realized that most of his fans are just bots. Next time, you are unlikely to want to work with this person.

What is more valuable for business: the presence of 10000 fake subscribers or 100 real subscribers who comment on your posts and willingly share them? But there are more important metrics than the number of subscribers. Link clicks and interactions (Likes and Comments) are two of the most important ones. If you purchase all of them, you will have the opportunity to improve your account in many ways. In fact, buying followers is not a bad option, because it really is very convenient and fast. You just need to understand the main reasons why you need american instagram followers.