Miboleron (Cheque-Drops) reviews and discussion

Short drug`s characteristics:

Mibolerone (Check Drops) is one of the most potent androgenic steroids known. It was initially made as a veterinary medication (for dogs, it needed to control them, influencing ovulation cycles). In the long run, bodybuilders and other sportsmen started using this steroid to expand aggression and adrenaline before rivalry. There is a famous gossip that Mike Tyson was under miboleron when he gnawed off Holyfield’s ear directly during the fight.

The utilization of mibolerone in weight training was found by Dan Duchene — as an amazing androgen to expand inspiration, hostility and alleviate weariness. Most athletes use it directly before the fight or competition starts, to raise the physical and emotional appearance.

A long course of mibolerone is risky for the body. The cyclic organization is once in a while legitimized because of the power of the medication. Point use when needed is more secure and more effective. Check Drops has a high anabolic and androgenic action: a competitor, having taken mibolerone 30-40 minutes before a presentation, gets a huge flood of aggression and an adrenaline surge. More details here https://anabolicmenu.ws/products/global-anabolic-cheque-drops-500/.

The half-existence of mibolerone is short (just around 4 hours), and yet it is assimilated rapidly and it’s level lowers likewise quickly. The medication was immediately counted and noted in all lists of illegal substances by practically all sports associations. A few metabolites of this substance can be identified if the doping control is completed right after the competition.

Point by point portrayal of mibolerone:

Steroid profile:

  • Steroid of androgenic and anabolic activity;
  • Androgenic effects are the greatest among all steroids;
  • Anabolic effects are high;
  • Method of administration — oral/infusion, in pills and solution;
  • Half-life is about 2-4 hours;
  • Mibolerone`s action lasts around 4 hours;
  • Detection time on doping control is up to 4 hours;
  • Estrogenic action — has antiestrogenic properties;
  • Progestogenic action – yes (high);
  • Decreased testosterone creation – yes;
  • Liver poisonousness – yes (high).


  • Extreme hostility, anger;
  • Adrenaline surge;
  • Increase in strength markers;
  • Increased inspiration;
  • Suppression of weariness.


Mibolerone is as powerful as it is dangerous with drawn-out use. 19-nor-androgen may well aim progesterone-related gynecomastia whenever used outside the suggested doses and times. Dostinex is usually applied to prevent this kind of gynecomastia. The medication can genuinely influence liver function, high hepatotoxicity is very common.

Adverse effects (however are not restricted to):

  • increased hostility even when the drug s action is over,
  • hypertension and high blood pulse,
  • insomnia,
  • various liver harm.

This steroid is not recommended to use in women. The adverse effects are virilization: skin inflammation, coarsening of the voice, growth of the clitoris and others. It is strictly forbidden to use it in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Mibolerone usage:

The viable dose of mibolerone is 200-400 mcg for each day. Because of the strength of its activity and the high danger of adverse effects, the medication is suggested for experienced only. The course of administration usually lasts 14 days.

This drug is not a good choice for combined courses, because of its great power. In combination with other steroids, it can seriously damage an athlete s health and even be lethal. But you can combine this steroid with other non-androgenic drugs, such as hepatoprotective pills and others to improve mental and physical health.