Management Consulting Startups Need

With almost 90% of startups failing during their first year of operating, it becomes obvious that any business/project at its starting point cannot make it without clear planning and each step thinking through. There are many reasons why startups fail but one of the main causes for shutting down to happen is rapid/unreasonable hiring. How IT startups can release high-quality software fast without exhausting hiring and how they can get professional management consulting will be discussed here.

Why DevOps is important 

DevOps popularity has been off the charts for more than 10 years. Why? Many experts give different definitions of DevOps, but the main fact about it is that DevOps exists to streamline, automate and optimize software development processes to deliver high-performing products as often as possible. With that, many companies are trying to implement DevOps in their teams. However, it is not a piece of cake. Basically, they have two options: grow in-house DevOps team and hire DevOps engineers or turn to mature DevOps outsourcing companies that provide DevOps services and startups services as well. One way or another, both of these variants have their pros and cons.

In-house or Outsourcing DevOps 

An in-house DevOps team provides control over each phase of SDLC (software development lifecycle), your infrastructure is adjusted to your toolset and your team’s skillset. However, it takes much more time and money to build a custom infrastructure and support the in-house DevOps team. Moreover, internal specialists get used to one type of task and with time lose versatility as experts. 

An outsourcing DevOps team has also a scope of advantages, such as they provide fast deploying of your products. Outsourcing DevOps team members have experience with different tasks and can deal with a wide range of unplanned situations. You can save time and costs on hiring and onboarding new team members and, consequently, there is a lower risk of staff turnover. At the same time, your workforce is focused on more crucial things for your business tasks. However, some complex projects, with very tight deadlines might be pretty expensive. Plus, you have to work out a communication process from scratch, which might be a kind of energy-consuming matter. 

Final thoughts: Management consulting and other startup services in need

Here are the services startups can get when dealing with DevOps outsourcing companies. Basically, startups can:

  • Get all IT services. DevOps outsourcing teams have experience with all stages of the startup lifecycle and deliver consulting services not only to startups but also to small businesses and global enterprises alike.
  • Get their existing infrastructure improvement. Infrastructure optimization is needed to ensure top-notch efficiency of operations and ongoing startup software development. DevOps service providers will design and implement cloud infrastructure at any scale, supporting products and workflows from various industries.
  • Get an IT team-as-a-service. As the product grows and new features have to be added, many startups find they require access to talents they cannot easily obtain. IT-outstaffing helps sort this out. 
  • Get management and beyond consulting. You can approach mature DevOps outsourcing companies to get consulting services. Service providers will help you refine the idea of your product. Their technology consulting also will help you prove to your investors you have a solid tech background.